I am well aware that I over my designated grocery budget this month.  And yet I went shopping today.  It’s not that I lack the willpower or awareness of my budget, nothing could be further from the truth.  As it is there were several deals that would expire by the time July rolls around and I wanted to stock up a little before the crazies, I mean holiday shoppers, hit the stores.

I’m planning on making cupcakes for the office this week so I picked out a vanilla mix and white frosting.  I’m going to decorate them with the plethora of sprinkles I’ve been hoarding. The good news is that they already taste like cardboard so the shelf life is irrelevant!


22 cans of vegetables and beans on sale, yogurt for morning snacks, blackberries, strawberries and celery, and vegetable oil.  Not a bad haul for just two stores.  I’ll grab the Sunday paper tomorrow to see who is running sales for the 4th of July weekend.  Since I have all of Friday off this week I’m hoping to get most of my painting projects done for the list as well as the rest of scanning for my family photos.

For now here’s a picture of the pantry, all filled up!

full o food
full o food

The only things I plan on checking off the list tomorrow are the kitchen windows and cleaning out those cabinets.  I don’t know what’s hiding in the back and I’d like to see what I have in order to plan more meals.


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