June Budget update 2

June Budget

Mortgage $1100     PAID $1,100

Car/Life Insurance $140 PAID $140

Home Phone/Internet/Cable $100 PAID $100

Gas/Electric $50    PAID   $38.86

Trash $60   PAID $72.07

Sewer/Water $75   PAID  $59.94

Fuel $150 SO FAR $98.79

Dog Food $40   PAID $21.99

Food $100   SO FAR: $117.90

Medical $20    PAID $20

Clothes $75 SO FAR $0

Student Loan Payment $52 paid $52

Savings – SM $300   TRANSFERRED $200

Savings – Car $25   TRANSFERRED $25

Savings – EF $50 TRANSFERRED $50

Savings – Roth $50  TRANSFERRED $40

Total: $2387

I’m doing rather well despite going over on my household budget (not posted) and buying a few entertainment items.  Despite putting a budget up here somehow my *real* budget tracking is different.  Like I budgeted $80 for medical expenses just in case I ended up needing another trip to the doctor this month.

In part because of my bonus this month and a couple higher than average paychecks at job #2 I’ll end up with about $1,275 extra this month even after sending $365 to savings so far.  Next I really should update my savings goals here.


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