Peanuts and Crackerjacks

It’s summer and I love me some baseball! Being a frugal gal I especially love when my employer offers free suite tickets, parking and lunch with said baseball.

Today’s game was everything that America’s pasttime should be: exciting, full of suspense and fun.  It was a beautiful day in this park which boasts views of the Tower River Bridge and downtown, including several high rises my company has had a hand in building.

One of my favorite movies is the 2000 Sean Connery film Finding Forrester which explores the relationship between a 16 year old writer and Pulitzer Prize winner William Forrester played by Connery who gets some of the best lines, such as:

“Writers write things to give readers something to read.”

“You ain’t seen nothing? What the hell kind of sentence is that?”

“No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!”

There are many more quotes that I adore but you’ll just have to see the movie yourself.  One of my favorite quotes takes place between the writers on the baseball diamond. Forrester says:

“We’d spend our summers here. And if we were lucky, the fall.”

the young writer, Jamal, responds:

“A lot of falls with those teams.”

This was my summer day:

beautiful day
beautiful day

Over 14,000 people turned out to watch the cats and boy did we get a good show!

capturing the action
capturing the action

Most of the game was slow, we’d get a hit but the inning would end before we could score.  There were plenty of pop flies even up to the suite level, two that went back over the stadium entirely.

A home run in the 7th and RBI in the 8th put us back in the game and we went into the bottom of the 9th down by one.

tie it up!
tie it up!

After another run to tie up the game with only one out Salt Lake walked our next batter.  Now it’s tied 4-4 bottom of the 9th and bases loaded.  Then this happens:

Winning hit
Winning hit

Which resulted in the following:


All in all a great day at the ballgame and what a way to spend a summer (or fall) day!


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