Day 21

It’s been a busy two weeks, let’s catch up on the list. Last Sunday I was accomplishing this:

18      Clean out Fridge and wipe shelves                      Kitchen – DONE June 14th

when my back went out.

This happens often, no need to worry.  A long day on the couch with nothing but movies and sleep is usually great. Unless you’re me, missing a shift and work and worried about being able to move on Monday morning.

Shout out to US pharmacuticals! Back on my feet and in less pain by Wednesday when I started tackling the rest of the list:

41      Clean the mirror                                              Bathroom #1 – DONE June 17th
45      Clean desk chair                                              Office – DONE June 20th
48      Polish desk, drawers and sides                            Office – DONE June 20th
54      Wash 1 window in office inside and out                Office – DONE June 21st
56      Clean air vent in hallway                                    Hallway – DONE June 16th
61      Tack down phone cord in hallway                       Hallway – DONE June 20th
66      Vacuum floor and closet                                   Guest Room – DONE June 20th
67      Wash 1 window in guest room inside and out        Guest Room – DONE June 21st
78      Wash sliding glass doors inside and out                Master bedroom – DONE June 21st
84      Price new toilets                                             Bathroom #2 – DONE June 21st
97      Update Racers and Savers thread                       Online/Other – DONE June 16th

That makes 52 things accomplished in 3 weeks.  Woah. See? I work better with deadlines! In college this meant I could finish a paper, study for finals and attend a debate tournament without breaking a sweat. Now it means my house looks better in a very short timeframe.


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