Gardens and Gnomes

Last night I was watering the flowers and lawn when I came across a few surprises. The first looked like a pile of leaves, then a pile of something else and turned out to be a fungal paradise in my own front yard!


Now I want to remind y’all what my yard looked like one year ago:

dry as the desert
dry as the desert

Not exactly an environment where plants thrive on wet conditions. Since I’ve dug up plenty of mushrooms in the last few months I decided to do some research this time before I attacked the jungle.


Mushrooms release hundreds of thousands of spores. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how truly disgusting that word is? Spores. Once these spores are released they stay in the soil for years. The best bet is to tear out your lawn or embrace the fungus (as long as they’re not poisonous).

No thank you.

So I set about digging it up, depositing the nasty, slimy little things into a bucket. Then I used my trusty trowel to scoop up a good amount of dirt too.

it's a dirty job
it's a dirty job

As the weeds were beginning to sprout again I pulled those as well, picking up leaves and twigs as I went. By the time I was done the lawn looked much better, if overgrown.

So I mowed it.

I have no delusions that mushrooms will not reappear, and probably soon. But I hope that making a few changes will help thwart their thriving. Thus I will make a concerted effort to water in the morning, not at night. I’ll continue to dig up chunks of spore infested dirt as I find it and research some natural killing methods before I rip the whole thing out.

Good news? Certainly!

The hundreds of flowers I planted are beginning to show some color! I may have been a bit overzealous planting 160 bulbs, 32 packets of seeds and 2 boxes of wildflower mix in this planter, but look at it all growing!


Since I can’t be home to observe said growth I hired a little friend to do it for me. He comes with his own tools and looks right at home:

George the Gnome
George the Gnome

Sorry, got a little bit distracted… did you know there’s a DVD set of the Adventures of David the Gnome on Amazon?!! I loved that show, wanted to ride my own red fox and everything. *sigh* You know my birthday is coming up soon and I think George needs some friends…


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