Day 7

It’s been a busy few days, not all of them uber productive round here.  Friday was a nice day off when I picked up dinner after work (free with coupons) and spent some time with my Grandpa for his anniversary.  Saturday I painted in the garage, went to a comedy show with Mom and then work from midnight to 2am. Sunday was largely relaxing with just the closet project to focus on before working again that night.

I hope this week will see me doing all the pricing I need so I can adjust my July budget accordingly and also making the rest of the painting decisions.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished the last few days:
14      Extend gray primer the length of the wall             Garage – DONE June 6th

16      Touch up gray primer on wall                             Garage – DONE June 6th

71      Pull out boxes of clothes                                   Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

73      Clean off shelves in closet                                 Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

76      Sort clothes                                                   Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

83      Pick out paint for bathroom walls                       Bathroom #2 – DONE June 6th

On a side note: Congrats! to the incomparable April for finding her first home and getting a great deal on it! I hope the escrow process goes smoothly and your summers are soon filled with home improvement type projects that will similarly drive you batty.


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