Day 4 and counting

Personally I think the burst of productivity at work is simply carrying over at home where I get more personal enjoyment from accomplishing tasks. Sadly, this isn’t getting me far at work because even though summer is our busiest time of the year, the economy has slowed enough to influence our work.

So I’m archiving, finishing scanning projects I started months ago and putting a huge emphasis on quality and getting my invoices correct the first time.  I refuse to take on the work of the other slackers in my department though (at least not without a raise).

But enough about the boring stuff, today is Day #4 and I finished 12 things!

11      Rearrange the couch in the garage                     Garage – DONE June 4th

12      Recycle plastic bags in car and garage                Garage- DONE June 4th

13      Collapse packing boxes                                     Garage- DONE June 4th

40      Wash bathroom rug                                         Bathroom #1- DONE June 4th

46      Measure for baseboards                                    Office- DONE June 4th

55      Measure for new bookshelf                                 Office- DONE June 4th

65      Measure walls for square footage for paint   Guest Room- DONE June 4th

72      Select accent paint Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

75      Select paint color       Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

80      Measure bedroom for baseboards                        Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

81      Measure corner for TV cabinet/hutch   Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

89      Wash the bathroom rugs                  Bathroom #2- DONE June 4th

That makes and even 30 things accomplished in just 4 days! It’s amazing how much I can get done when I’m not procrastinating.   This weekend I’m likely to finish up the small paint projects that have been plaguing me for months and then do some cooking for next week’s meals.  The weekend after this one I’ll try to tackle the big clothes projects.


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