Busy Day

Don’t be fooled into thinking that I’ll be finishing all 99 things by the end of the week or even the month!  Most of the tasks on my list involve two of my nightmares: making decisions and lots of prep work.  I can guarantee I’m not going to blow through 5 or 6 of the larger painting projects on a week night, ever.

But for now I’m really enjoying getting some of the smaller tasks out of the way. Mostly these are chores that aren’t pressing but bug me to know they’re not done.  Like tightening the doors on my kitchen cabinets.  That’s done (except two screws are missing) and now when I get popcorn or cups I won’t be annoyed that the door is wobbly.

Here’s what I accomplished today:

6      Trim roses in the backyard                Yard         DONE – June 2nd

9      Distribute soil in front flower bed             Yard        DONE – June 2nd

19     Note loose doors and missing knobs                Kitchen       DONE – June 2nd

23     Find scratch and dent appliance stores               Kitchen     DONE – June 2nd

24     Touch up red paint in kitchen              Kitchen      DONE – June 2nd

30     Clean tiles around fireplace              Living Room      DONE – June 2nd

79     Vacuum the carpet and closet       Master Bedroom DONE – June 2nd

91     Change the oil in my car *50,000 miles*   Online/Other   DONE – June 2nd

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