America, the Beautiful

In the midst of my music downloading spree yesterday I was struck by just how beautiful lyrics can be. Observe my proof:

“If they wanna ride, they ride, if they wanna roll, they roll. He can roll with the punches as long as he feels like he’s in control.”

“Like leaves and kings, all things must fall.”

“Throw your cameras in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.”

“Embers, we’re burning bridges down. Envelopes stuffed with feeling found. To write this down as means to reconcile.”

“Oh baby, you’re a classic, like a little black dress.”

“Why don’t you sit right down and stay awhile? We like the same things and I like your style. It’s not a secret, why do you keep it?”

“Feelin’ good, yes I am I got it oh la la
I’m so chill, I’m so fresh, I’m so cool-la la
I’ve you’ve got it sing it out la oh la la
oooo oooo woah
I’m having the best of days ain’t got no bills to pay
I’d like to make a toast that goes out to everyone that is luggin,
Feels like the summer weather,
I’ve got some extra cash,
Man, I love my Visa card…”

Of course I would be remiss to leave out the undisputed geniuses of song titles, Fall Out Boy, with songs such as:

  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes
  • Don’t you know who I think I am?
  • A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A little More “Touch Me”
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song We Won’t Get Sued (aka OLMUCTNOFSSWWGS)
  • It’s not a Side Effect of the Cocaine. I Am thinking it must be Love
  • Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today
  • Reinventing The Wheel to Run Myself Over

Anywho, all that to say the author of the words “amber waves of grain” is a damn poet.  I took my usual drive home and took this shot:

my town
my town

I really wanted to do a Russel Crowe and walk into the field letting my fingers run along the top of the grain but a) I’m not in Gladiator, b) I had on flip flops and c) I’m afraid of snakes. And mice.

view of town
view of town

See all those green growing things in the background?  Those are sunflowers! I love sunflowers like most people like oxygen.  I’m definitely going on a midnight stroll in my boots when those start blooming!

Of course I do have my own bloomin’ things (except bloomin’ onions, those are pretty difficult to plant…)

I trip to Big Lots last week was very profitable as  I stocked up on their potting soil for just $3 each for a 8-pound bag.

soil de Big Lots
soil de Big Lots

An indoor plant I received in March has been looking a little, okay a lot, droopy. I’ve taken to calling it Eeyore. Anywho, the plant roots look a bit crowded and while the woven basket was nice it had a poor drainage system.  Water could be overflowing in the house and yet the plant would be dry.  Here’s Eeyore before the repotting:

mostly dead
mostly dead

I was going to post the “after” picture but to be honest it looks pretty sad still.  Hopefully it’ll rebound in the next few weeks and I’ll get a pretty picture up. If not we’ll never speak of this again.

The big win at Home Depot this lovely Sunday afternoon was a wood planter box.  See, I’m one of those hot and cold gardeners. I’ll wander through the nursery section and wonder what kind of idiot pays hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for something you can’t eat and draws bugs like a magnet.  Then I turn the corner, find my favorite flower and fold.

empty box
empty box

On my “someday list” I’d described a planter just like this one.  See, if I’m going to go through the trouble of finding the flowers, feeding and watering them and ensuring they don’t die then you bet I’m going to find a way to take them with me when I move! But I don’t necessarily want someone to come steal my beauties so my insurance goes in the bottom of the box:

box o rocks
box o rocks

It looks weird but let me tell you, this sucker is heavy!  On top of the rocks I put a bag and a half of potting soil and mixed in a cup and a half of organic plant food that will make the soil more acidic and turn my hydrangeas blue. I put in the flowers, filled in some soil and all done!

favorite flowers
favorite flowers

Finally, some fake flowers to share:

In Memorial
In Memorial

This is the arrangement we picked out for Grandma’s grave site on Memorial Day.  Her grave marker had just been installed and I went back later in the week to clean the dirt away. Maybe next year I’ll have some fresh hydrangeas to take.


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