99 things in 99 days

Well it is soon to be the summer of 2009 and I have a list of 99 things I want to accomplish! Stop looking at me like that, I already know I’m kraze.

Here’s the master list numbered and ordered by location.  I’m not necessarily going to work on these in order but I will check back here and update when items are completed.

Since I won’t be starting the list until Monday, June 1st I have two days to get a little bit of shopping in to prepare!

1        Distribute soil in back flower beds                       Yard – DONE August 4th

2        Figure square footage of front and back yards      Yard – DONE September 5th

3        Move rocks to garage                                       Yard – DONE September 5th




no rocks
no rocks

4        Price sod                                                                Yard – DONE September 6th

5        Trim dead branches on trees                        Yard – DONE September 5th

6        Trim roses in the backyard                                Yard – DONE June 2nd

7        Plan backyard hardscapes                                 Yard – DONE August 7th

8        Scrub dog pool and refill                                    Yard – DONE July 4th

doggy pool
doggy pool

9        Distribute soil in front flower bed                        Yard – DONE June 2nd

10      Price chest freezers                                        Garage – DONE June 3rd

11      Rearrange the couch in the garage                     Garage – DONE June 4th

12      Recycle plastic bags in car and garage                Garage- DONE June 4th

13      Collapse packing boxes                                     Garage- DONE June 4th

14      Extend gray primer the length of the wall             Garage – DONE June 6th

painted half the garage
painted half the garage

15      Measure space for chest freezer                        Garage – DONE June 1st

16      Touch up gray primer on wall                             Garage – DONE June 6th

17      Clean out Freezer and wipe shelves                     Kitchen – DONE June 1st

18      Clean out Fridge and wipe shelves                      Kitchen – DONE June 14th

19      Note loose doors and missing knobs           Kitchen – DONE June 2nd

20      Organize kitchen cabinets                                 Kitchen – DONE August 9th

messy before
messy before
organized pantry
organized pantry

21      Price new kitchen door knobs                             Kitchen – DONE June 13th

22      Price dishwashers                                           Kitchen- DONE June 13th

23      Find scratch and dent appliance stores                Kitchen – DONE June 2nd

24      Touch up red paint in kitchen                            Kitchen – DONE June 2nd

kitchen paint
kitchen paint

25      Wash 3 kitchen windows inside and out               Kitchen – DONE July 3rd

26      Measure dishwasher space                                Kitchen – DONE June 1st

27      Mop kitchen floor                                            Kitchen – DONE July 10th

28      Touch up brown paint on walls                           Living Room – DONE August 21st

29      Vacuum the couch and fluff pillows                      Living Room – DONE July 21st

30      Clean tiles around the fireplace                          Living Room – DONE June 2nd

31      Measure the couch for a custom slipcover           Living Room DONE August 21st

32      Paint the baseboards                                        Living Room – DONE September 6th

watching paint dry
watching paint dry

33      Clean 1 living room window inside and out            Living Room – DONE July 3rd

34      Get color samples of the paint and carpet            Living Room – DONE August 13th

35      Get quotes for replacing frame                           Living Room – DONE September 5th

36      Have cable company out to fix tvs                     Living Room – DONE August 5th

37      Paint front door trim                                         Living Room – DONE September 5th

38      Price replacement light fixtures                          Bathroom #1 – DONE August 21st

39      Price replacement shower head and faucets         Bathroom #1 – DONE July 17th

40      Wash bathroom rug                                         Bathroom #1- DONE June 4th

41      Clean the mirror                                              Bathroom #1 – DONE June 17th

42      Measure the mirror space                                  Bathroom #1 – DONE June 3rd

43      Mop the bathroom floor and clean up paint           Bathroom #1 – DONE August 20th

44      Paint baseboards                                                               Bathroom #1 – DONE August 20th

ALL done!
ALL done!

45      Clean desk chair                                              Office – DONE June 20th

46      Measure for baseboards                                    Office- DONE June 4th

purchased, painted and installed too
purchased, painted and installed too

47      Move heaters to the garage or closet                  Office – DONE June 1st

48      Polish desk, drawers and sides                            Office – DONE June 20th

49      Prime and paint door frame for closet                  Office – DONE August 5th


50      Put more pictures on the wall                             Office- DONE June 13th

more pictures
more pictures

51      Vacuum floor and closet                                    Office – DONE June 1st

52      Paint closet header white                                  Office – DONE July 10th

53      Paint door trim                                               Office – DONE July 10th

54      Wash 1 window in office inside and out                Office – DONE June 21st

55      Measure for new bookshelf                                 Office- DONE June 4th

56      Clean air vent in hallway                                    Hallway – DONE June 16th

57      Finish filling picture frames                                 Hallway – DONE August 1st

hallway between office & guest room
hallway between office & guest room

58      Price entry way mirrors                                      Hallway – DONE June 3rd

59      Paint door trim in hallway                                  Hallway – DONE September 5th

60      Replace hallway light bulbs                                Hallway – DONE September 5th

61      Tack down phone cord in hallway                       Hallway – DONE June 20th

62      Program A/C unit                                                    Hallway – DONE July 28th

63      Paint baseboards in hallway                               Hallway – DONE September 5th

64      Sort and organize linens by size                         Guest Room – DONE August 21st

linens sorted
linens sorted

65      Measure walls for square footage for paint           Guest Room- DONE June 4th

66      Vacuum floor and closet                                             Guest Room – DONE June 20th

67      Wash 1 window in guest room inside and out        Guest Room – DONE June 21st

68      Choose a paint color                                           Guest Room – DONE July 27th

dis one!
dis one!

69      Take down and wash mini blinds               Guest Room – DONE August 20th

70      Price wall mounted lights                    Master bedroom- DONE June 13th

71      Pull out boxes of clothes                                   Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

72      Select accent paint for Master bedroom wall        Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

73      Clean off shelves in closet                                 Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

74      Donate old clothes to Goodwill                           Master bedroom – DONE September 5th

75      Select paint color for Master bedroom walls          Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

76      Sort clothes                                                   Master bedroom – DONE June 7th

organized clothes
organized clothes

77      Take nicer clothes to consignment                     Master bedroom – DONE September 5th

78      Wash sliding glass doors inside and out                Master bedroom – DONE June 21st

79      Vacuum the carpet and closet                           Master bedroom – DONE June 2nd

80      Measure bedroom for baseboards                        Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

81      Measure corner for TV cabinet/hutch                  Master bedroom- DONE June 4th

82      Peel off fish trim                                                            Bathroom #2 – DONE September 6th

beginning to peel
beginning to peel
90 minutes later - all done
90 minutes later - all done

83      Pick out paint for bathroom walls                       Bathroom #2 – DONE June 6th

84      Price new toilets                                             Bathroom #2 – DONE June 21st

85      Clean the wood cabinets and doors                    Bathroom #2 – DONE July 15th

86      Mop the bathroom floor                                    Bathroom #2 – DONE September 5th

87      Price replacement light fixture                            Bathroom #2 – DONE August 21st

88      Price replacement shower heads and faucets        Bathroom #2 – DONE July 19th

89      Wash the bathroom rugs                                   Bathroom #2- DONE June 4th

90      Catalog books I own                                         Online/Other – DONE August 2nd

a few of the books
a few of the books

91      Change the oil in my car *50,000 miles*              Online/Other – DONE June 2nd

92      Pick up photo albums from C.G.                          Online/Other – DONE June 21st

93      Scan family photos and organize                         Online/Other – DONE September 6th (Well, not exactly done but I did get started! See cute picture of me for proof)

ain't I cute?
ain't I cute?

94      Transfer all music from laptop to desktop             Online/Other – DONE June 1st

95      Update movie database with films I’ve bought       Online/Other – DONE June 1st

96      Update movie database with films I’ve watched    Online/Other – DONE August 3rd

97      Update Racers and Savers thread                       Online/Other – DONE June 16th

98      Organize my photos and backup on USB drives      Online/Other – DONE July 13th

99      Organize work files and archive                           Online/Other – DONE August 3rd

100     Take a SPA day!                                             BONUS

Go ahead, tell me I should be committed….


12 thoughts on “99 things in 99 days

  1. Holy crap I’m so impressed. This list speaks right to the anal retentive list checker-off-er in me. I particularly like that there is a bonus one! And one item per day doesn’t sound so bad, when you put it that way (of course you’ll do a ton of them on other days, knowing you!). It sounds “kraze” but if anybody could do it, it would be you! Keep us updated 🙂

  2. AWESOME! I knew you could do it 🙂 Man, this must feel so awesome to have an entire list full of checked off things. Love the pictures, too!

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