Big Bad B Word

June is almost here and it’s time for me to buckle down on my budget and find out just how much I can save in one month.

(No the B word doesn’t rhyme with “itch” so don’t even ask! But I love that you’re reading Mom!)

This is the nuclear meltdown budget.  While it’s not as low as I could go, it gives me a pretty good start on figuring out how much I really need in an Emergency Fund in case of a job loss.

June Budget

Mortgage $1100

Car/Life Insurance $140

Home Phone/Internet/Cable $100

Gas/Electric $50

Trash $60

Sewer/Water $75

Fuel $150

Dog Food $40

Food $100

Medical $20

Clothes $75

Student Loan Payment $52

Savings – SM $300

Savings – Car $25

Savings – EF $50

Savings – Roth $50

Total: $2387

There’s only 720 hours in the month of June and I want to spend as little of that time shopping as humanly possible. Granted, I could buy NOTHING but it’s not very realistic. I will probably end up doing a lot of pricing shopping (see the master list)

Keep in mind that I will be working 40-hour weeks at job #1 for a total of 178 hours (22 days at 8 hours a day); approximately 4 (hopefully 8) shifts at job #2 for about 40 hours, plus writing 2 full length articles for job #3.

But work and sleep only take up so many hours!   Therefore I’m adding the following goals:

walk 30 minutes a day -or-
15 minutes on the trainer -or-
two segments on the yoga video

It seems so simple and yet, so hard!  June will probably bring another WIR meeting at my house so I plan on making the house as presentable as possible.  I have a long to-do list this summer of chores I want completed before the end of Labor Day weekend Tuesday, September 8th.  That gives me 99 days starting on June 1st.

The next post will detail my Master to-do list which will (hopefully) cost very little money to complete as I have most of the supplies I need already.


2 thoughts on “Big Bad B Word

  1. You exhaust me just by writing that all down! Yikes! And how do you manage $100 a month for food? I wish I could do that… I fear my popcorn addiction is what does me in.

  2. I can’t wait to see your master to-do list! I am breathless with anticipation. Please write more blog articles, emails, and posts about budgeting because I need to read hundreds of them to get my lazy reckless self back on track after this out-of-control May!

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