Free Stuff

I don’t particularly enjoy holidays, throw in the fact the Sunday paper doesn’t contain the usual stash of coupons and I can be downright disappointed.  But due to a series of fortunate events I was blessed with a great number of things this weekend.

Free things.

Is there anything better?

First my paternal grandparents (both rapidly approaching 90 years old) found out my lawnmower is not exactly, let’s say, running. Thus, I have not mowed the lawn since I moved in last November. It’s cool, I like the jungle look. They believe it will overtake the house and I’ll be suffocated by dandylions. So they generously gave me their spare lawn mower, an electric one no less.

Additionally, they are cleaning house for a visit from my older cousin when she flies out from England this month. So they sent a nice small dresser after noticing I have no dressers. I can’t quite bring myself to put this one in a bedroom yet so it’s doing duty in the kitchen holding some linens.

New Dresser
New Dresser

My maternal grandparents moved out of their home in 2007 to live in Assisted Living. This weekend, a month after grandma passed away, my mom and aunt decided to sort through the storage shed on the property. There are renters in the house (don’t get me started on that topic!) but we went to the backyard and began to look around.

Most of the time we shared stories about grandma as we came across something unique. There was the blue microwave she had for three years before we realized the blue was actually protective plastic. Underneath was a very nice stainless steel, lol.  There were family bibles and antique furniture, pictures and portable comodes. A little of everything.

My mom and her siblings have discussed the rest of their belongings and spent the last few years distributing items across the country.  My mom, aunt and I worked on the rest today.

One item I very much wanted was this porch swing that my grandpa sat on every morning with his coffee, waving to those who passed and watching the cars go by. It’s in my front patio next to the flowers I planted yesterday.

family bench
family bench

In the shed we found a black metal storage rack.  It’s now in my garage and being used as storage for my canned goods until my Dad and I install the custom pantry later this month.  If you’ll notice to the right I was also motivated to hang up my dog’s leashes, organize paper sacks from the grocery store, sort my recycling and hang up the canvas bags I use.

Pretty Pantry!
Pretty Pantry!

Another treasure from the shed is an American flag for my front yard. You’ll see the lawn has been mowed. This is big for me as the last time I was behind a lawn mower I was probably, I don’t know, 8 yo?

front yard
front yard

Mom and I spent a nice afternoon at my house, I worked on the lawn, we stacked firewood, I cleaned the garage and Mom did some scrapbooking. I made tacos for dinner and it was a very relaxing day. No eggs to dye, no church services for me, just a calm day in the yard and being productive.


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