It’s Peanut Butter Cookie Time!


While neighbors and friends are losing their jobs, homes and financial security it’s a magical time of year also known as Girl Scout Cookie time!

Now why would I advocate buying these morsels of goodness when times are tough? Why did I spend just shy of $15 on four boxes? The answer is multi-faceted.

First and foremost I used to be a scouting girl and cookies are the highlight of the year. Maybe not for the parents stuck sorting 1,500 boxes and sending their children to stand in front of every store in town peddling sugary goodness but I do this for the children. I thumbed through that catalog of prizes and wanted them ALL when I was a kid. Cheap necklaces and stuffed animals, posters and pencils. I can’t imagine what they award now. Succeeding at selling cookies was the highlight of my year. Finding out the troop leader stole all our funds was the lowlight. So beyond reconnecting to my youth it’s a way to give back to the girls.

My second excuse reason is: have you tried these cookies? While more expensive than anything I can whip up in my kitchen, these cookies rock my world. But four boxes? I must be insane.

Cue reason #3: they freeze well. Hmmm, a frozen Thin Mint on a hot summer day. Lovely.

Reason the fourth: movies have been made about cookie time! If you don’t believe me try finding “Troop Beverly Hills.” No seriously, if you find it let me know, I recall it was hilarious and full of 80s goodness.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to support my community and give back to those around me by consuming cookies. Win-Win!


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