A hero has fallen

In a final testiment to the suckitude of 2008 I found out Tuesday that an alumni of my high school was killed in Afghanistan on December 31st. Benjamin Tollefson was the final soldier to die in this conflict in 208 and will be laid to rest today.

I didn’t personally know Ben or his wife but his older brother Jeff and I were biology lab partners and friends. In a small school your classmates are often life family and this certainly feels like losing one of our own.

A man who lived to serve his country has died and it fills me with sorrow. I cannot comprehend the family’s grief.

I’d like to ask you for a moment to put aside your feelings on this war and its politics.

Today a young woman is a widow.

A young son will never know his father.

A brother, son, husband and grandchild has been lost.

There are no words to convey understanding, to take away the pain. We may never understand why Ben died but we can be thankful for the life he lived. His service to the country was a small part of his 20 years on earth, but I am thankful.


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