Shopping Sunday

Happy Sunday! This is by far my favorite day of the week and the one that has the most predictability. I start whenever I wake up and leisurely get dressed and feed the dogs.Then I head out to the Dollar Store where I can pick up two copies of the Sunday Paper for $2.16.Then comes the fun part.I usually lounge on the couch with my recycling bin and a movie while I go through the paper.It’s important the movie does not require much attention as I’m rapidly distracted by the week’s deals.The BBC series Planet Earth is a favorite.

I set aside the bulk of the paper to read through the articles during the week but today I focus on the inserts.There’s a quick perusal through the Parade magazine and the cartoons before I turn to the advertisements.

My favorites (in order) are:

  1. Walgreens
  2. Target
  3. Rite-Aid
  4. Staples & Office Depot

Most others are set aside as I either have no interest in their merchandise (Sports Authority), hate going to their stores (Long’s Drugs) or need to avoid temptation (Best Buy, CircuitCity).

I cannot wait until CVS completely takes over our Long’s Drugs.I have access to their corporate head quarters, maybe I should call and ask.

Now there are many people out there who catalog each and every coupon, its value, restrictions, origination point, etc.

I’m not that ambitious.

This is the most I’ll record:

January 4, 2009: $2.16

  • 4 Red Plum total value is $338.85
  • 4 Smart Source total value of $275.30
  • 2 General Mills total value of coupons $22.20

My reasoning is simple. Why duplicate what others already do?I use the wonderful site MoneySavingMom for help on rebate deals at the drugstores.

In contrast to the General Mills inserts which yielded a coupon or three on every page, all of them for food and therefore useful, the 4 inserts from Smart Source are full of fillers and other useless coupons.Smart Source contains $275.30 in coupons plus 9 Buy One Get One Free coupons and finally the Red Plum inserts contain $338.85 in coupon offers plus 2 Boy One Get One Free coupons.

The coupon totals for two papers is $636.35.

Want to know why I spend two hours a week buying papers and going through the coupons? I have $600 reasons why.Even if I don’t use a majority of the coupons they do yield a large amount of savings each week.

Here’s my Walgreen’s plan for this week (contrary to the title I don’t do all my shopping on Sunday, just plan for it):

(2) Garnier Fructis Shampoo & Conditioner

Sale price $2.99

E.S. Coupon ($2.00)

MF Coupon($1.00)

Final PriceFree

(2) Healthy Choice Café Steamers

Sale Price $2.50

MF Coupon($1.00) off two

Final Price$4.00

(2) Reynolds Foil

Sale Price$0.99

MF Coupon($1.00)

Final PriceFree

(2) Excedrin Extra Strength Tablets

Sale Price$5.00 each

MF Coupon($2.00) each

Out of Pocket$6.00

RR Coupon$5.00

Final Price$1.00 on two

(2) Softsoap Liquid Soap

Sale Price$0.99

MF Coupon$0.34

Final Price$0.64

Total cost out of pocket $11.26

RR coupons earned previously: $10.50

Real out of pocket: $0.76

Receive back in RR Coupons: $5.00


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