New Year, New Resolutions


Not a surprising topic for any blogger but certainly a fun one. I’d really like to become a more consistent writer this year, including my blogs. In lieu or writing hundreds of posts to store them up for the days I can’t write to save my life I’ll just stick to some general themes that give me a lot of options.

Time Out Thursdays– remember to take time to relax and enjoy this life (it’s the only one we get!). For the first edition I want to show you my OCUSS basket. It’s part of a “cheer up SS” box that my friends coordinated and delivered to me during a particularly rough patch this year. The box itself is a recycled pink hat box that belonged to my Grandma. So when it’s time to ease the sore muscles, rinse away the stress and just be calm this is where I go. Since very little relaxation is done under harsh lighting conditions I also keep a few candles on the counter and a pile of puffy towels.

Operation Cheer Up Start Smart Goodies
Operation Cheer Up Start Smart Goodies

Tell me, how do you relax?

Tomorrow’s post will introduce my Friday theme and I will have more pictures. Enjoy the first day of a New Year everyone!


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