Finally Friday


It’s Friday and although I worked 3 days and now I have 5 days of vacation, it’s a good time to recap what I’ve learned this week. This is, by the way, what it sounds like to be in my head. Just a warning.


Working for 38 hours in 3 days is insane.

I am apparently insane.

Vacation time is worth its weight in gold.

Can you weigh time?

I once measured the speed of sound.

One nanosecond equals a size seven woman’s shoe or a J. Day forearm.

This information is brought to you by all-nighters in college.

When gallons of milk are two for the price of one you should buy it.

Even if you’re single, live alone and rarely drink milk.

You can freeze milk.

More importantly, you can defrost milk.

Defrosted milk tastes fine.

This is straw, NOT hay.


Thank you wikipedia!

Straw looks light and fluffy, doesn’t it?

Straw is heavy.

Straw bales are hella heavy.

The easiest way to move a straw bale, absent your friend Hercules dropping by, is to roll it.

I now have much more appreciation of this guy:

this is a sport?
this is a sport?

Except the kilt. I will continue to mock the kilt.

But this was not the example I wanted.

Googling “scottish guys roll heavy crap” will return few usable images.

There are a number of male scottish rock and roll bands.

And they have websites.

The ‘sport’ I was attempting in rolling bales of straw is called grappling.

No thanks to wikipedia.

Googling “crazy people who lift heavy shit” will remind you to lift with your legs, not your back.

Thanks Google, thanks a lot.

Lifting heavy things for fun or sport is called grappling.

this is a grappler
this is a grappler

Yes, his beard is kissing the giant rock.

This is me rolling a straw bale


<!–[if !mso]> <! st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } –>

Right… you think I’d get a picture of that?

You’re crazy.

Apparently Googling “no image available” in their image search does not cause the space/time continuum disruption I was hoping.


This is my backyard pre-straw:

pit of dispair
pit of dispair

This is my backyard post-straw:

pit of dispair covered with straw!
pit of dispair covered with straw!

Straw is an excellent mulch.

Mulch is a funny word.

45 minutes of raking wet leaves and distributing straw is hard work.

I’m halfway done with strawing the backyard.

Only because my compost bin is full.

And my back started to hurt.

Compost goes out on Tuesday.

I can get right back to project strawing next weekend.

If the weather holds.

Who thinks I can train my dogs to walk on the un-muddy half of a backyard?

Me neither.


5 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. You know how people always say they are “lmao” and it’s not really true, well I actually am. I just lost 15 pounds. Hooray! This is a brilliant post. I enjoy what it sounds like on the inside of your head. And it comes with pictures, too! The “no image available” was particularly awesome. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. DS spent MANY summers baling hay – (I know, not straw) but he would back you up on the heaviness factor even if he is a guy. One positive, you weren’t working on a ladder tossing them into the loft of a sweltering barn! Your yard will look great once you’ve had time to get it in shape, and may even become a nice stress buster. Not that I’m saying you need a stress reliever or anything. 😉
    Enjoy the rest of your vaca!

  3. A) I love you. You crack me up. B) Don’t knock kilts until you see a HOTTIE in a kilt. Definitely a highlight of studying abroad in Scotland. A lowlight was seeing a LARGE man in a kilt – not as sexy. Not at all…

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