Dollars and Sense


It’s Christmas Day. Merry Christmas.

If we all lived our lives according to dollars and dimes alone I would not have the dilemma that I find myself in today. It’s Christmas Day and I have to go to work in 2 hours. This shift is a mere four hours long and after taxes I will net less than $40 for the day.  I have saved money by not traveling south to visit my grandparents. For the sake of details the trip would be 300 miles round trip, my car gets 38 miles per gallon of gas and I can currently fill up for $1.73. I am saving $13.65 not seeing my grandparents today. I have not seen them since March 1st.

If it was just dollars today would be a clear win. Saving $13.65 and earning $39.60 is a daily gain of $53.25 for the bank account. My weekly savings goal, incidentally. But, if I choose sense over cents today is a loss. My grandparents are 87 and 88 and I enjoy spending holidays in their comfortable home surrounded by family. I would like to see their faces when they open the gifts I brought for Christmas.

Don’t put paychecks over people and remember riches are not kept in FDIC insured bank accounts.

Merry Christmas.

Because someone requested more pictures of the dogs. Here I am with Jackson two years ago.

Christmas 2006
Christmas 2006