Singled Out: SUV

Does anyone else get tired of personal finance writers complaining about SUV owners? Seriously, I understand that gas is expensive and SUVs require more fuel but jeeze, let’s move on!

There are plenty of people who buy more car than they can afford and those
come in all shapes and sizes. There are even more people who buy a car
they don’t need so they can save money fueling their gas guzzler.  There are some who take loans out over and beyond the value of their vehicles. Explain this one to me, please!

Everyone can look to stop their own wastefulness when it comes to driving. Common examples range from driving to the corner drug store or refusing to carpool.  Or sometimes it’s just indecision when it comes to shopping causing a criss cross pattern around town.  The worst I’ve heard
is within my own family: three people living in the same house driving
less than a mile to the same office in three cars. And all these people actually like each other!

Some people did the math and calculations and determined a SUV is a
good match for their lifestyle. Good for them. If there was truly no
demand for trucks, vans and sport utility  vehicles they would have
fizzled out decades ago. But you know what? Life has this funny way of
changing. Kids quit soccer, camping trips get canceled, parents
move far away and require more help.

Here’s the shift I’d love to see: SUV owners stop whining about what
they pay at the pump and bloggers stop making them the example and
scapegoat of a bad economy.


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