the Yard

alternative title: how I spent my day surrounded by pricks!

A distinct disadvantage to buying a home that’s been empty for nearly a year is the yard is horridly overgrown. Water has been off at the property for some time and it’s dry. And did I mention I have 18 rosebushes?

I started my week by packing more boxes, I’m up to 19 labeled boxes and 11 unlabeled.  Unlabeled boxes hold things like books and smaller display boxes. All these boxes are from the grocery store.  Next time you move check out the produce boxes, they’re fabulous packers!

In addition to 19 boxes of china, kitchenware, office supplies, toys and clothes, I have some special boxes.

*the Gift box so I can rapidly locate presents in the event I don’t unpack until the New Year. Also ensures my helpful parents don’t spoil their Christmas surprises.

*the Tech box filled with wires and cables and power strips.

*the Open Me First box which contains safety supplies, candles, matches, sheets, toilet paper, a shower curtain and tools.

*the Cleaning box with various cleaning mixes, rags, a duster and a vacuum cleaner.

Buying Update

Until this morning I’d been doing rather well, not picking up a single thing for the house.  I didn’t go too crazy today though. Here’s what I bought:

Garden hose (Osh) $10 – I needed something to make that sprinkler worthwhile and the water should be turned on at the house this week!

2-pack Fire Extinguishers (Osh) $16 – One for the kitchen, one for the garage, a must safety item!

Pruning shears (Osh) $10 – these have already proven valuable as I trimmed all 18 rosebushes in under one hour. I have photographic proof as soon as I find my cable hookup doohicky.

Garden gloves (Osh) $4 – this is one item I regret. Don’t get me wrong, my hands would look like I’d been mangled by a gang of street cats without them but these are clearly not rosebush safe gloves. They’re pretty and they fit well but the thorns pierce the fabric easily. This pair will probably get retired to backup status once I find a pair of good strong gloves.

Total spent: $40

Total so far: $128


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