The Price of Power

Today I’ve been struggling with things I want in my new house.  I work for an electrician and am obsessed with our wattstoppers.  These are devices that turn off the lights when a room is empty and turn the lights on when someone enters.  I love these suckers, they make me feel like God.  In fact, some mornings I enter the copy room and boom (silently in my head) “out of the darkness I create: light!” a little wave of my hand and ta da: light!

Stop staring at me like that, this is what I am like before coffee.

But am I seriously too lazy to turn on and off my own lights at home?  Sometimes.  I can also blame my brother who bought and installed a remote controlled fan at my parents house.  Dude could turn on a dozen different electronic devices in his room without leaving bed in the morning. But King Tut I am not. 

I suppose I could stand to turn on my own lights, make my own coffee and (gasp!) do my own dishes.  Besides, there’s always the wattstoppers at work to make me feel powerful.


4 thoughts on “The Price of Power

  1. Wow your brother sounds like mine. He was playing with lights from age 3, and our whole house was wired to be on remote control. We never touched lamps. Our Christmas tree was even wired to a remote. And his house now… good lord you should see it. INSANE!!!! Wired up to wazoo. He did that before unpacking. LED touch screen thingies in every room. Etc. So… enjoy your wattstoppers!! If it makes life easier and/or happier, why not?

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