A Shopper’s Nightmare

No, not Black Friday stampedes, I’m talking about none other than Costco Newsletter which is mailed with increasing frequency to my inbox.  I have the Costco membership because it gives me access to cheap gas for my car, bulk toilet paper and great cash back rewards on my American Express card. But the newsletter, oh boy, this newsletter is evil!

Why do I read such things? Stupidity.

Opening the email is an onslaught for the senses.  A 46″ LCD HD TV!!! Only $1,300! A pretty, shiny Canon Digital Camera only $800! Digital photoframes for the pictures, only $70!

What’s that you say? Not a tech junkie?
Well then buy a sofa, a portable generator, carpet, new windows, a portable air conditioner for the home! Or a $600 pool table!

Huh? you’re into the Green Thing? Then buy a portable camp fire, a $1,000 Greenhouse (some assembly required), a sewing machine to make your own clothes or Grape Seed extract gels (I honestly have no idea what this helps or cures, besides isn’t it more fun to just drink th wine?).

But every time I think about opting out of this invitation to run up my credit card with more crap that I would know what to do with I find just one item that I may buy.  New tires, for example.  Or custom business cards as I currently work 160 hours a week (approximately). 

Maybe the real value in this newsletter is in deleting the email and thinking “ha! I won again! I will NOT be buying like an obedient, vapid little consumer!” Or maybe I’m a masochist for just opening the file.  Sigh.  Time will tell.


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