Update Spending and the first box

I packed the first box yesterday!

I know, I was going to be packing a little each day and for the most part I have been.  But this was the first box I packed completely, sealed and labeled.  It was light bulbs, in case you were wondering.

In addition to packing the first of many, many boxes, I picked up a few things from the store today.  To keep myself accountable I’m posting about it here.

I know I’ll be painting before I move in and thus will need lots of supplies.

*Paint tray, rollers and brush set $9.00 (Home Depot)

*Kilz Primer, 1 gallon $15 (Osh)

Safety is a concern, especially in a new home

*Smoke Alarm, 2 pack $6 (Osh)

*Carbon Monoxide Alarm $11 (Osh)

The yard is quite dry and will need lots of water and fertilizer to survive.  While there is a sprinkler system I have my doubts as to it’s reliability.

*Oscillating Sprinkler, $7 (Osh)

*Nozzle $5 (Osh)

I also will need to do lots of cleaning and I found a small  vacuum that will do the job.

*Hoover Hand Vac $30 (Home Depot)

And finally my tool set is missing quite a few bits and so I’ve picked up a new set that can handle most installation and repairs I’ll need to do.

*14-piece tool set $5 (Osh)

Total Spend: $88

Ouch.  It hurts a little when I add it all up, especially knowing I didn’t get a pruner for the rosebushes, hoses, paint or drop cloths, not even the really nice cute grill I was convinced every homeowner should have.  These really are important essentials to getting the house in good condition and I know each item was a bargain- the clearance vacuum for example- but it’s still money that’s going out.


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