The amazing power of networking


Several months ago I joined an online community of women committed to paying off debt and educating themselves about finance. In six months I’ve cancelled my cable, tivo, gym, stopped going out to eat frequently, cut back on shopping, switched to a better credit card and switched banks. 

It sounds like I’ve been living like a nun, doesn’t it? 

Yet during this time in my life I’ve never been more content or fulfilled. In addition to cutting back what I don’t need I’ve also paid off nearly $4,000 in debtand bought a house. 

Today is one of those days where I pinch myself and people keep asking “are you really only 23?”

Due to the support this community provides I was virtually surrounded by dozens of women who have made mistakes, been successful and are willing to tell their stories.

I’ve found many young women who are enjoying life without charging their credit cards.  One new friend has become a business partner in writing ventures educating others about finance without the doom, gloom or nun-like living. Our joint project writing for the website, a division of Barnes & Noble, has just premiered on their site.


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