Time to Move


Moving out

Unless you’re homeless buying a house generally means moving out of another location.  And I work in a neighborhood that has heavy homeless traffic and some of those people have more belongings than I do-albiet in laundry bags and shopping carts. As a renter, it’s beneficial to review your contract and know your rights.  At this time it’s critical to wrap things up cleanly with the former property so you can dedicate your time and energy to the new location.



Shortly before signing on the new house I entered into a new rental agreement with a property management company.  This agreement provided a month to month agreement that requires 30 days written notice before moving out.  Since October 31st is a Friday I’ll want to be moved out the week before in order to reduce stress that last week.  And I should give notice no later than October 1st.

Action Step: When I write out my October rent check I’ll type up the notice to submit to the property manager.



Escrow should close on the duplex by mid-October and I’m hoping to get in a few times to clean and paint.  Assuming 30 days to execute the contract and sign all the papers I should have the property by October 14th (Happy Birthday to ME!).  That gives me the weekends of October 18-19 and 25-26 to move.



Until then I am packing my belonging to move.  This process is devastatingly simple:

a) Grab boxes of all sizes in good condition from every place possible.

b) Pack non-essentials first and pack something every day.

c) Clearly label boxes and stack out of the way of normal activity.

d) Plan one major moving weekend and solicit help.

Action Step: Put out a request on freecycle for boxes

Prep Work



As soon as the papers are signed and keys delivered I’ll need to get water, gas and electricity turned on at the property.  Because I have co-investors in the house I’m hoping no deposits will be needed and can get started testing the effectiveness of the faucets, toilets and outlets.



And because the water has been turned off since March I will probably begin slowly watering the lawns to bring them back.  There is also a front yard tree that needs water desperately.



A few months back I bought a stash of CFL bulbs from a Dollar Store closing sale for 36 cents each.  I’ll use these new bulbs in the house wherever I can in an effort to save money on electricity.  I do need to double check if any specialty size bulbs are needed.



Before any work gets done (but after electricity is turned on) I’ll probably fill my camera with pictures of every nook and cranny of this house.  I want to remember the hideous paint scheme, the pinkish-red kitchen walls, and the dead rosebushes.  Why?  Because in the end I want to see the work I’ve put in and the progress I made.



Also the gate is hanging by a thread (it’s sturdy but just held shut by a thin rope) so I’ll need a strong bolt that can only be opened from the inside and a “Beware of Dog” sign.



Action Steps: price these essentials at Wal-Mart, Costco, Target and Home Depot; contact PG&E and the city water department for procedures.

Anything else I’m forgetting?  Leave me a comment and help a friend out!



Up next: the actual move



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