Moving in – Part 1


I’m a very odd mover.  I can pack an entire house in four days with little rest and still manage to unpack the shot glasses and gin in the dark if need be.  I tend to overplan and moving is no exception.  Really, I’d love to have a scaled drawing of the house and furniture and plan where every single thing will go before I pack a box. Realistically, I’ll probably stack all the boxes in the garage, plan the furniture placement and then unpack over several weeks. But before one box crosses the threshold there are a number of tasks to complete.  First is a thorough cleaning.  The supplies needed are quite simple: a few buckets, rags, cleaning products and newspaper.


Carpets: I’ve worked with a professional carpet cleaner in the past and will call on him to do a consultation at the house.  There is carpet in the living room and three bedrooms and all are stained.  If it can be cleaned I’ll work out a price and get them cleaned, maintaining with a steam vacuum my parents own.

Laminate flooring: These floors look brand new and have few scratches and nearly no damage.  The order here is to sweep, mop and inspect.  The bathroom floors will especially need checking around the toilets and tub/shower.

Walls and Ceiling: The first thing is to dust, clean out the cobwebs and remove any nails from the surfaces.  Two of the bedrooms also have ceiling fans which need to be cleaned and there is another fan in the dining area.

Windows: Windex is still my favorite cleaner for glass and the best rag is actually newspaper.  I have a stack of recycled newspapers at home I can use for this purpose and they’re cheap!  In the beginning I’ll wash windows just inside as the exterior needs to be power washed and the gutters need cleaning.  Most of the windows also have blinds which should be removed and washed.  I have found the bathtub is the best place for this job (another reason why running water is important).

Countertops:  I need to do more research on the types of counters.  They’re not tile or laminant so it’s some type of corian I’m unfamiliar with.  But right down the street is a tile and granite store that can advise me on the best cleaners and treatment.  The bathroom sinks and counters are beautiful, very well maintained and clean.

Stove/Oven: The stovetop is electric and will just need a brief wipe down.  The oven is predictably dirty and will need to be scrubbed.  The racks should also be soaked in the bathtub and cleaned.  The kitchen also has a built in microwave which needs to be cleaned and tested, it looks new so I hope it works.

Cabinets: Again, these look good with just a few loose doors or missing knobs.  The bathroom cabinets will be dusted and cleaned and are ready to be used.

After cleaning I would love to paint and start with a fresh canvas as some of the bedroom walls are beyond ugly.  For that I’ll need TSP and buckets to wash the walls to prepare for the paint.  Because I don’t plan on replacing the carpets right away I’ll also need drop cloths and painter’s tape to get started on the paint projects.

Real Concerns:

The kitchen is missing a fridge/freezer which is a situation that should be remedied rather quickly.  Fortunately my parents own two fridge/freezers and a full size freezer as they cook and entertain frequently-the aforementioned Mexico trip entailed feeding 58 people for 10 days.  As they will be remodeling their kitchen soon they will need a new unit and are giving me one of their units now.  Did I mention yet how much I love and appreciate my parents?

There is also a drainage issue with the dishwasher.  The washer itself appears to be useless and is merely sitting in the cabinet space with various drainage tubes sticking out, one draining water into the sink.  Additionally, the sink’s disposal appears to be clogged.  Because my father has more lay knowledge when it comes to plumbing, electrician work and construction than anyone I know he’s agreed to come up one weekend and do repairs.  I’ll be standing by with the Draino.



4 thoughts on “Moving in – Part 1

  1. To clean the over racks, you can use an oven cleaner. Although, I saw a post somewhere recently for a natural cleanser. I don’t know if I’d clean these in the bathtub though. As for your dishwasher, it may be the disposal that’s causing the problem. If it hasn’t been used in some time, check with your father to see if replacing the gaskets or seals is an expensive job. Those tend to dry out and will cause your dishwasher to leak.

    Good Luck!


  2. Thanks for the tip Alicia, I’m thinking the bathtub might be a better place to scrub those racks since the kitchen sink is smaller and stopped up. I’ll check out the natural cleaners too!

    klh- my mom laments the fact my middle name isn’t *actually* organized. It’s really a curse.

  3. Odd tip about cleaning the oven racks — try putting an old towel down into the bathtub before soaking and scrubbing them. That way as you’re scrubbing, you don’t grind in any of the grime from the flip side of the racks into the bathtub finish — especially important if it’s a fiberglass bath. Because it’s tricky to balance a rack and scrub it at the same time without letting it touch the bath — I like to have balance behind it so I can just scrub the heck out of it with a brush.

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