Savings Goals and Action – Part 1


I’ve been working, on and off, for a few months at putting my savings goals into words and into practice.  Although I still have a ways to go I thought I’d start with a simple one.



I want to save money for my dogs.



Their care is not expensive and it’s not difficult for me to buy their food but I have found in the two years I’ve had dogs that basic things tend to slip my mind.  Here’s my doggy savings plan:


Yearly Registration: $19

Dog #1: $9.50

Dog #2: $9.50


Shots: $34

Dog #1: $17.00

Dog #2: $17.00


Flea Medication: $288

Dog #1: $150.00 ($50/4 months, $100/8 months)

Dog #2: $138.00 ($46/4 months, $92/8 months)


Total: $341.00



I currently have $350 in savings for my dogs.  Registration is not due until January but it may increase if I move to a new county.  Both dogs are set on shots for the year and this price reflects a 6-way shot plus rabies.  I have enough flea medication for the end of the year so the amount I’ve saved should be sufficient for 2009.  I plan on saving the same, if not more for 2010 and that amounts to just $28/month to maintain. I’ll aim for $30/month in a high yield account in order to maximize my interest.




2 thoughts on “Savings Goals and Action – Part 1

  1. Found your blog as a result of your guest post on moneysavingsmom. I haven’t found a lot of blogs for fellow single female frugalistas and I like yours. Check out It is an Australian pet med company and you can save a good bit buying both heartworm and flea meds from them. I order 12 months at a time to save on shipping and handling.

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