Food Stamp Challenge- End of the Month

June is over.  Praise the day.

June was a rough month for me, a little worse than April but not as bad as May.

It’s been a long year…

Anywhosits, this week marked the end of my “food stamp budget” project and it was, for the most part, a success.  One the occasions when I was compelled to go out to dinner I still made a frugal meal and froze it for later.  I skipped a lot of meals, not by necessity but due to the chaos that ensued this last month.  Less than $5 in Sunday newspapers yielded valuable coupons and allowed me to pick up some great items very cheaply.

Because of my job flux, visiting family, hospital visits, writing projects, parties and more mental anguish than I would ever care to admit, my record keeping was horrid.  I did not spend much on food, however, much less than the $158 I’d budgeted.  This next month my strategy is much harder–spend as close to $0 as possible in order to clean out my pantry.

I know food prices are rising, coupons are not as prevalent and we should all stock up while the good prices last. But.  With the familial trials that show no signs of slowing I will prepare for new things in the second half of this year.  Even moving if it comes to that.