My Back Hurts

Normally I would label such a post as “off topic” but today, it’s all connected to finances.

Five weeks ago, minding my own business at a stop sign, my car was hit by an 18-wheel big rig which then drove away having ‘not noticed’ little ole me in the way.  Me? Not so happy. So I chased them down. I say them because the student truck driver had his instructor in the cab.  Not cool, dude, not cool.

Since that day the trucking company has admitted fault and paid for $1,100 worth of body work to my poor little Toyota.  My insurance will cover the medical claim and assess the trucking company the costs associated therein.  However.  I cannot consider my claim “settled” until I finish chiropractic treatments and can substantiate lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs incurred.

In the meantime, my back hurts.

I am not a wimp.  The last time I cried for a purely physical reason I was 5 hours post-op, bleeding internally and the doctor was withholding pain medication.  And I didn’t so much cry as sob in pain and scream repeated threats of physical violence at the nursing staff.  This was, by the way, right before they called a code blue (stopped breathing/loss of consciousness) and got me on a blood transfusion.

Since the accident the pain in my neck, shoulders, back and hips has been in a constant ebb and flow of pain.  Somedays my neck is so stiff I can barely turn my head, other days the act of sitting or walking causes shooting pain down my legs.  I have yet to resort to the vicodin but those days are coming.  Instead of drugs I’ll sleep on the couch on the weekends (no alarm clock needed), pace in the backyard until fatigue overwhelms the aches and heat and reheat therapeutic bags in the night.

I say this is a financial complication because pain influences everything.  From my energy level at work to my productivity level at home, from the number of errands I can run to skipping the gym because of pain.  So many things in my life are influenced by this pain, it’s unreal.  I’ve been rather healthy most of my life and I am now so grateful for that chance to not worry about the ability to walk my dog, the ability to move furniture or jog at night.  All I did have to worry about was the motivation to do so.

I would really like my back to stop aching, my hips to stay in alignment and my neck to turn pain-free on command.  I don’t know if or when that day will occur but I will probably not write about it here; I’ll be at dance class.


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