Day 11- still going strong

I am well aware that the posting here has been lacking in the last week but I am still eating on the food stamp budget and tracking my purchases and meals.

I found myself needing more protein in the mornings so I’ve been scrambling eggs which are simple and easy too cook. Other mornings I stick with oatmeal.

I was given a bunch of apples (still need to get price data from the grocery store) and since they were a bit on the ripe side I cut them up and baked them with a little brown sugar and oatmeal topping. Wonderful quick dessert!

Saturday will be another shopping day as corn is $0.25 per ear and red bell peppers are just $0.99 a pound.

Some of the non-food deals I found this week include

*Duracell Rechargable batteries: $21.98 for 8 on sale minus $2.00 Sunday coupon paper and $10 gift card makes the final price $9.98 or $1.24 each-just slightly higher than the price of regular. {Rite Aid}

*Oral-B Ultra Floss: $1.99 for one minus $0.99 rebate and $1.00 off coupon means I earn $0.01 on this deal (I’ll combine with other offers by the end of June to save postage) {Long’s Drugs}

*Reynold’s Wrap Foil: Weekly circular coupon $0.89 each minus $0.75 Sunday paper coupon makes the final cost just $0.14. {Walgreen’s}

*Finally, a food offer Yoplait cups (including the yummy Whips!) $0.70 each and a coupon to save $0.40 on six: $3.80 for six, $0.63 each.


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