Day One on a Food Stamp Budget- Shopping

Please forgive the brief delay in my daily reporting, I have a lot going on and don’t want to give you information prematurely. This post is from Sunday, June 1st:

June 1st- day one of the June Food Stamp Budget Challenge. This morning was the first shopping trip as I start with a empty cupboard.

Oatmeal- 96 oz container $3.18
Whole Chicken $5.44
yellow onions- 3 whole: $0.75
Green Pepper- one medium:   $1.49
Carrots- seven large carrots: $1.31
black beans- 16 oz, dry:  $1.25
Tortillas- package of 20: $2.79
Lettuce- one small head:   $1.00
Celery- one bunch: $1.49
Tomatoes- 2-3/4 pound:  $2.75
Corn- three ears:  $0.96
Cheese- 1 cup leftover from last shopping trip:  $1.50
Apricots- 17 medium and small:  $1.98
Potatoes- 9 medium and small: $1.50
Chips- About a pound $4.00
Milk- 1/2 gallon $2.99

Grand Total: $34.38

Budget remaining: $121.62


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