15 Minute Speed Clean : Living Room

I totally cheated on this one and made it 20 minutes :) You’ll see why in a minute!

This is probably my most used room after the office – I work from the couch late at night, am busy with a half dozen fabric projects despite the fact I don’t sew, and this is where all the Christmas stuff happens. Plus the dogs.


DSC_0026(Above: It looks worse than it is, but this is the view from the front door)

DSC_0028(Above: corner by the door has a messy bookshelf, the ironing board, a chair piled high with blankets)

DSC_0029(Above: more Christmas tubs, books on a table, the couch cushions and cover have been stripped off)

Yes, the dogs had to move into every single shot.

What I did:

  • put the couch cover out in the garage to be washed
  • Straightened up the couch cushions (which Nixon promptly squished)
  • Folded 4 blankets and layered them on the side chair
  • Cleared off the TV bench
  • Moved the Christmas tubs to the hallway
  • Moved the bookshelf to the garage
  • Picked up a lot of stuff and put it away in other rooms
  • Put out half of my recycling (non-shred stuff)
  • Consolidated the shredding boxes by the fireplace
  • Ran a bead of caulk along the mantle in one spot

Then the timer went off and the room still looked like a disaster. So I started the timer again and kept going, if only to finish the caulk on the fireplace!

  • Smoothed out the caulk, put the tube away in the garage
  • Moved the Christmas tubs underneath the window and piled the fabric boxes on top
  • Moved over Jackson’s big bed
  • Put the ironing board in front of the Christmas tubs and hung the shirts to iron
  • Moved the side chair in front of the fireplace

Then I felt like it was “done” for now, despite the projects that still exist. Here’s how it turned out (with a dog in every shot):

DSC_0050(Above: There’s less visual clutter, even if the couch cushions get squished in 30 seconds)

DSC_0047(Above: Christmas tubs to sort through, ironing, moved out the bookshelf)

DSC_0049(Above: Now a clear path from the hallway and front door to the kitchen. Jackson’s finally laid down on his bed to keep out of the way!)

What I’d do with 10 more minutes:

  • Finish the shredding the papers and put that box in the office (it slides under the desk nicely)
  • Sweep the fireplace mantle
  • Iron the shirts and put away the ironing board
  • Vacuum (if it worked… seeing a pattern yet?)

I’m still not 100% happy with the room since it’s the first thing you see walking in the door. The dog keeps squishing all my pillows on the couch and the room feels smaller with all those Christmas bins in the way. But since I’m hoping to get the decorating finished this weekend all I need to do is fold up the ironing board and put it away to access all my decorations!

Plus I know that the visual clutter in the room is worse because the adjacent kitchen and dining room are still a mess. Don’t worry, those are coming next!

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2 Responses to 15 Minute Speed Clean : Living Room

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  2. tere says:

    I had never seen this room before, it is cute!

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